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Mahavir group is a authorised distributors of garware sun control film in pune and Maharashtra region . Mahavir group is trusted name in suppliers of interior products in pune and maharastra.

Mahavir group is a wide range supplires og sun control film like window films , automobile films, etc. Suncontrol window film provides the versatile valu –added solutions on the increasins usage of glasses in buildings. They control solar heat reduce glare ,block harmful solar rays ensure privacy and enhance aesthetic.

Benefit of sun control films
1-save energy: Suncontrol reduce air conditioning cost by rejecting upto 78% of total solar energy incident on the glass

2-Block harmful UV rays: Suncontrol block 99% of ultra vilolet rays

3-Eliminates glare : Suncontrol adds to your comfort By eliminating up to 95 % of the sun glare

4-Provides privacy: Suncontrol provide privacy to thre interiors

5-Boosts asthetics: sun control film is available in wide range which adds to beauty

6-Additional safety: Sun control film provide additional safety from bullet and other damages

Scratch Resistant: Sun control film also available in special scratch resistant coating

Auto motive sun control films-

The special feature of auto films is that they reduce heat and cut glare without making any compromise on the driving conditions. They provide additional safety and enhance the privacy of the inhabitants in the car. Various types and colours of the film, boost the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Special high performance films developed for the front wind screen of the automobiles have been a milestone in the Suncontrol industry. The vast product range of Garware Suncontrol Automobile films are

Non reflective
High performance
Car Packs