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Wooden Blinds

When you want high-end quality at a much lower cost, our Square Wooden Blinds are the answer you have been waiting for. We provide top-quality wood blinds that are specially constructed to resist every day wear and tear while making an attractive statement in any room of your home or office.  

Our Wood Blinds are made of Basswood, Pure Wood & Laminated Wood.

We produce blinds of beautiful color that will stay strong for many years. Because of the nature of the materials, repeated lifting and lowering will not damage the fine finish of these window treatments. Excellent construction and the rich beauty of Basswood make our Wood Blinds the perfect solution when you want to bring the brilliance of the outdoors into your living spaces.  

We offer these blinds in 25mm, 35mm & 50mm with web system & Designer Ladder tape system. When you want aesthetic warmth, quality construction and a window treatment that is completely Wood Blinds make it simple.